The Kayaking Company

Our Passion, Your Adventure!

At The Kayaking Company we have passionate ideas about what’s possible in this world, and our passion is kayaking! We believe that everyone should experience the joy of the great outdoors and as lifelong kayakers and adventurers our mission is to bring this experience to everyone.

Your guides and instructors are continuously out there exploring with some of the world’s foremost paddlers and we are bringing back the best of what the world of kayaking has to offer. We believe that kayaking should be accessible to everyone, from kids to champions, we want everyone to enjoy one of the world’s biggest water sports while having as much fun as we do. Whether that’s just charging your local play spot, exploring a remote waterfall or just playing on your local river.

Our depth of experience across all of our staff is considerable and we want to bring the sport of kayaking to everyone in a fun, safe and professional manner. It is our goal is to represent everything that’s great about kayaking and canoeing in Ireland.

Why are we different?

Safety, Experience and Knowledge

The Kayaking Company was established by passionate kayakers. We are all active and enthusiastic paddlers who are still learning. Each member of the team is still striving to achieve new skills and all have had exceptional success in a multiple of paddling disciplines.

Meet the team!

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