The Kayaking Company

Who is this trip aimed at?

This trip is part of the Kayaking Academy programme and is ideally suited to those aged 13 – 17 years.

Do I have to have attained a certain proficiency?

This trip is aimed at paddlers who wish to paddle Class 3 rivers. While this trip does not have a requirement for anyone to have attained a certain proficiency we do expect people to be able to paddle at a reasonable standard and also to have a reasonable roll. Of course if you wish to discuss this trip we would be more than happy to give you some guidance.

Who are my guides? 

Our guides and instructors all come from a Scouting background and have gained a significant amount of experience working with and guiding young people. Every instructor has been fully certified by Canoeing Ireland and vetted by the Garda Siochana (Irelands police service).

Will I have to arrange my own transportation in Slovenia?

The Kayaking Company will collect you and your equipment at the Airport on the Saturday morning at the start of your schedule. If you are flying into a different airport you will need to make your way to the collection point. Should you decide to fly in or out of Slovenia at times outside of the schedule then you will be required to arrange your own transportation.

I have never travelled with my kayak before, how do I arrange for it to be flown to Slovenia?

Travelling with a boat can be a daunting experience if you have never tried it. Most airlines will accept a kayak but there are rules. Firstly, make sure when you are booking your flight you book your kayak on as sports equipment. There may not be a reference to a kayak so we have often used “surfboard”. If you decide to leave it until you are at the check in desk you will be charged per kilo, which could prove to be very expensive.

On the day of your departure it is advisable that you arrive at the airport as early as possible, with an 8ft kayak in tow, moving through the airport can be a challenge so you need to give yourself plenty of time. Of course be patient and smile politely at the airport staff, by in large they are very accommodating and helpful.

What equipment should I bring?

Equipment is often a personal thing but here is some guidance on what to bring. Please bear in mind that there are no kayaking shops in the Valsesia region, so if you forget anything it could be quite challenging to find a replacement.

Paddling Gear
Spray deck
Paddles (if you can, bring a spare set, just in case)
Rescue PDF
Dry cag
Dry pants
Neoprene shorts for hot days (optional)
Good river shoes (ideally no booties or sandals)

Of course if you have a dry suit that’s absolutely fine, we just recommend a cag and dry pants because it gives you options on hot days.

Safety Equipment
Personal first aid kit
Throw rope
4m sling
Karabiner x 2

Personal Gear
By in large the weather is often warm and sunny but bear in mind we will be living in the mountains. Evenings can be chilly and rain is not unheard of so a good jacket is advisable just in case. A water resistant sun cream would be a sensible item as well. Of course if you have a camera you will have a lot of opportunities to take that new action profile picture.

Should I take out insurance for this trip?

Although we cannot recommend any particular insurance policy we do recommend that you have some travel insurance. Of course make sure your policy covers up to Class 3 whitewater. It would also be advisable that every European resident has their European Health Insurance Card (free from your nearest state health services office). The card gives you access to european health services.

Money & ATMS

ATMS are readily available in the region and they take all the major cards. It might also be advisable to inform your bank that you are travelling to Italy as it has been known that a bank will block a transaction as it might be considered out of the ordinary.


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